«Frankly the mural functioned more as a publicity stunt…»

Por Ronald Wimberly

“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” …I had the opportunity to show my work in #bogota🇨🇴 at the 45th Salon de Artistas (@45salonnacionaldeartistas). I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I said “yes” because I mostly only ever get to travel for work, and I’ve never been to Colombia or even Latin America for that matter. I landed right in the middle of some local political theater. @ccabogota, the organization most closely associated to the @usembassybogota and a sponsor of the salon, had vandalized a commissioned mural that had shallowly criticized Colombo, it’s relationship to the US, and the US’ relationship with Colombia.
Frankly the mural functioned more as a publicity stunt than a direct critique of the US’ hand in Colombian politics or its using Colombia as a wedge in Latin America. And when it went down, instead of battling on the walls, in and out of the institution, the commissioned artists pulled out and threw a tantrum on public media. The streets, however, continued to get up on the wall in the true, radical form of graffiti.
Next I went to Cali, where I spoke to several classes at public schools. Walking through these spaces, talking to these kids, seeing the Venezuelan immigrants in the streets, I wondered where this story was in that “political” mural in Bogotá. …but I’m just a gringo from brooklyn. I have a lot to learn about our southern neighbors and I look forward to returning some day.
#Repost @usembassybogota ・・・
¿Te gusta el cómic? Entonces no puedes decir no a esta invitación de @ronaldwimberly y @gusanillodetierra.
Visita la increíble exposición “Arquitecturas Narrativas”, abierta hasta el 4 de noviembre en el @ccabogota.
¡Entrada libre!
@45salonnacionaldeartistas #45sna #elrevesdelatrama #elartemetrama

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